A Dignified and Unified Community

Walking Anew, Inc.

Creating a dignified Black and Brown community one day, one service, one session, one step at a time.


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At Walking Anew Inc., our volunteers and partners know that sometimes all it takes to change the world is a little support. Since our founding in 2017, we have been determined to make an impact on our community. Regardless of the challenge, we believe every individual is created in the image of God.

We see. We hear. We serve.

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Our gifts make room for us, and we desire to make room for you. We are looking forward to building partnerships with community collaborators, partners and practitioners who have a heart to serve and help to create a more unified Black and Brown community. We believe in giving back, paying it forward, and empowering our communities of color; therefore, we curate opportunities for all ages.

What we do

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Walking Anew Inc. is determined to see, hear and serve local and global communities who may otherwise go unnoticed or are not fully engaged with dignity. We serve communities by providing  resources, missional opportunities, training, encouragement, and by delivering provisions to those in need. We do this in partnership with Kitchen Ministries, local and global partners, community volunteers, organizations and businesses. Learn how you can engage and support this work. Get in touch with our team today.

Women walking anew ™

Our bodies carry with it the stories and pain of our past. These stories impact how we live today. In cooperation with primarily female providers, including psychologists, counselors and coaches, we direct Black and Brown women towards support and community. We facilitate progress and strive to make a difference in local and global communities. Thereby Walking Anew, Inc. is dedicated to empowering women with the resources needed to manage everyday life. We invite you to learn about and join us for our monthly “First Fridays” fellowship, to tune into our podcast, “Righteous Ramblings,” and to lend your support to women. Contact us for more information about Women Walking Anew™.

Intercultural Competence Coaching and Training

When measuring a variety of individual competencies in personal, work, academic and ministry contexts, oftentimes we fail to measure how well one engages across differences and commonalities in our respective cultures.  In today’s society, we are riddled with individuals who emanate from a variety of cultural backgrounds and experiences, yet most of whom have never considered whether they are culturally intelligent or interculturally competent.

Cultural intelligence, like academic and theological training, leadership development, and emotional intelligence, requires intentionality and as such, Walking Anew, Inc. invites us to recognize the need for development via assessment, training, coaching and consultation.

Barbara D. Jones is a gifted trainer, certified executive leadership coach and consultant who has served in local and global contexts for over 25 years–and would count it a privilege to work alongside you and your organization toward developing intercultural competencies and DEI processes that will promote and enhance productivity individually and corporately. Click here to learn more.


Black and Brown communities have historically hosted well-meaning volunteers who admittedly do not have the skills to effectively engage across cultural differences. Walking Anew, Inc. welcomes volunteers from all backgrounds, but we believe that the necessary cultural competencies must be in place for those who desire to have direct contact with the communities we serve. If you are interested in developing cross-cultural competencies, come, grow, and walk anew. Our qualified administrator of the Intercultural Development Inventory® will aid in equipping you to serve more effectively.  Contact us for more details.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

 Creating a dignified Black and Brown community

• one day  one service •  one session one step at a time


Vision: A Dignified and Unified Community

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We need volunteers, partners, practitioners!

At Walking Anew Inc., we get to show up in Black and Brown communities, build lasting partnerships and impact lives because of your tax deductible donations and your willingness to participate in creating dignified and unified communities!

We see. We hear. We serve.
Because you show up!


Walking Anew 5th Annual Christmas Dinner

Join Walking Anew, Inc. as we partner with Dreams and Reality, Inc. of Atlanta to distribute backpacks, food and products in Midtown, Southtown and the surrounding areas on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Saturday, January 15, 2022 from 11-1pm. Click here to learn more or to volunteer.

Stay tuned as events are updated as opportunities arise and as Covid restrictions allow.