Develop Intercultural Intelligence

Walking Anew uses the Intercultural Development Inventory® to aid individuals and groups in developing Intercultural intelligence or competence.

According to the Intercultural Development Inventory®, Intercultural competence is the capability to accurately understand and adapt behavior to cultural difference and commonality.

While our training and coaching modules focus on being specific to individual or organizational needs, the Intercultural Development Inventory® (IDI), Crucial Conversations® and concepts of the EQ-i 2.0. assessments are a key component of Barbara’s work and process. The IDI, in particular, aids one in understanding the importance of developing intercultural competence.

 Developing intercultural competence not only requires assessing one’s current level of cultural intelligence, but it also requires patience. Barbara is a certified coach, qualified administrator and is certified as an emotional intelligence specialist (EQ-i 2.0). She, or a member of her team would be responsible for guiding you or your team toward developing intercultural intelligence.

Cultural beliefs do not develop overnight, therefore, intentionality and a conscious allocation of time are necessary to further develop cultural intelligence.

Barbara would like to offer you the opportunity to aid in developing your executive leaders, staff or team. If you, your church, company or organization is in need of more information you may request it below.

Thank you for taking this first step!